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Sample 1:

Three pieces of wood are each x feet in length. One piece is cut into eight equal sections, each section measuring 1 foot, 3 inches in length. What is the value of x?

a - 8

b - 10

c - 12

d - 15

e - 30

Sample 2:

The average of four positive integers is 78. If two of the integers are 60 and 62, what is the greatest possible value of one of the integers?

a - 63

b - 189

c - 190

d - 191

e - 200

Sample 3:

If x - 4(c + 2) = y, what is c + 2, in terms of x and y?

a - (y + x)/2

b - (y + x)/4

c - 2y + 2x

d - (y - x)/-4

e - (y - x)/-2

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